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Professor Butler Wins "Theory Into Practice" Best Article Award
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An article written by Tamara Butler, assistant professor in the Department of English and the African American and African Studies Program, was selected to receive the Theory Into Practice (TIP) Best Article Award for 2015.

“Flipping the Script: When Service-Learning Recipients Become Service-Learning Givers” looks at how teachers can institute critical service-learning programs in an urban classroom. The article stems from a longstanding partnership between the Columbus, Ohio, City School District, the local teachers' union (Columbus Education Association), the National Education Association Foundation, and The Ohio State University where Butler was a doctoral student at the time. 

Through this partnership, Butler worked closely with Pam Reed, a middle school teacher, but not as a researcher rather more as a classroom assistant.

“The article stands as a testament of our work together,” Butler said. “I was a doctoral student who was often inundated with theories, but was committed to working in classrooms and communities. Pam is a middle school teacher who was open to change and committed to educational equity and excellence, though hesitant about whether or not academics wanted to hear about her practice especially without all of the theoretical jargon.” 

Article continues on the CAL webpage