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Film Studies l 20th-Century and Contemporary Literature

Office: C702 Wells Hall
Email: hoppens2@msu.edu

Gary Hoppenstand teaches in the Department of English at Michigan State University. He has published fifteen books, seven scholarly reprint editions of classics novels for Signet Classics and Penguin Classics, and over fifty scholarly articles on topics ranging from popular culture studies to literary studies to media studies. His work as editor of the periodical, Midnight Sun, has been twice nominated for the “World Fantasy Award,” one of the nation’s top literary awards, and his Popular Fiction: An Anthology (Longman) won the Popular Culture Association’s “Ray and Pat Browne” award in the Textbook/Reference category for 1997. As the series editor of the six-volume “Greenwood World Encyclopedia of Popular Culture,” he was again the recipient of the “Ray and Pat Browne” award for 2007 for the Reference/primary Source Work. He is a former Area Chair, Vice-President, and President of the Popular Culture Association, and for the past seven years he has served as the editor of The Journal of Popular Culture, the most widely read and respected peer-reviewed scholarly journal in its field. He has won the top scholarly honor of the national Popular Culture Association—“The Governing Board Award”—in 2008 (“for his contributions to popular culture studies and the Popular Culture Association”). At Michigan State University, he has won the College of Arts & Letters 2008 “Paul Varg award for Faculty” (“in recognition of outstanding teaching and scholarly achievement”), and Michigan State University’s 2008 “The Distinguished Faculty Award” (“in recognition of outstanding contributions to the intellectual development of the University”).


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