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Postdoctoral Fellow in Film Studies

Email: kressba2@msu.edu
Ph.D., University of Chicago, 2018

Mikki Kressbach research interests include new media, film theory, Science and Technology Studies, Medical Humanities, the horror genre, and contemporary Hollywood cinema. Her work can be found in The New Review of Film and Television Studies, and the forthcoming edited collection, [REC] Terror: Essays on Found Footage Horror Films (ed. Jackson Cooper, McFarland Press).

She is currently working on her book manuscript, Instrumental Aesthetics, which explores the aesthetics of science in popular digital media. Through the analysis of films, television, video games, wearable technologies, and mobile apps, Instrumental Aesthetics illustrates how popular and emerging media technologies have participated in the recent shift toward data-driven research methods and the problems and possibilities that arise in its wake.


FLM 452: Film, Gender, & Sexuality: The Female Body in Horror

FLM 230: Introduction to Film

FLM 460: Digital Film & Media: Ordinary Media