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Royston MSU Bio Picture.jpgEarly Modern English Literature | Visual Culture

M.A. in Shakespeare in History, University College London 

Email: royston7@msu.edu
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Jennifer Royston is a sixth-year doctoral candidate and a John and Ruth Yunck Endowed Fellow. She specializes in Renaissance Literature and Early Modern Visual Culture. Her project explores how playwrights dramatized paintings and painters in order to examine their own artistic significance and value within Renaissance English society.


The Evolution of American Thought 
Introduction to the Major
Michigan Writers
Shaping the Modern Self
Dangerous Art
Introduction to Shakespeare 
Readings in Shakespeare
Professional Writing London: Creative People and Workplaces (study abroad)
The Representation of Visual Art Within Literature (hybrid)
Literature and the Environment (online)
Thinking Like a Writer (MOOC)
Europe and its Relationship with the Rest of the World Since 1492 (online)