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Email: boonmash@msu.edu

M.A. University of Amsterdam
B.A. University of Amsterdam

Mashya Deirdre Boon is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of English at Michigan State University, specializing in Film Studies. Her research interests lie at the intersection of film-philosophy, post-humanism, identity-politics and ethics. By interrogating discourses on human subjectivity, she aspires to forge an original approach to the science-fiction genre within the field of film studies by combining cultural theory and ethical philosophy – an innovative exploration that aims not only to build upon and to expand disciplinary knowledge, but also sheds light on ethical and political questions of vital concern to the humanities writ large.

“We have questioned if the human is essential to the core of existence, but we rarely question if the core of the human itself essentially exists at all.” To scrutinize this presupposed essential core, she undertakes philosophical thought-experiments by analyzing how the cultural imaginary of cinema has envisioned certain “science-fictions of the human self”, which radically stretch the normative boundaries of our conventional understanding of human identity. This project has formed the basis for a number of international conference presentations.


Boon, M. (February 2018). “The Science-Fiction of the Human Self.”
     Paper presented at Graduate Academic Conference, Michigan State University.

Boon, M. (November 2017). “Cinematic Cyborgs: a Rheo-humanistic Approach to Subjectivity.”
     Paper presented at Brave New World Conference, Leiden University & Leiden Film Festival.

Boon, M & T. Rauch. (July 2017). “A Journey From Here to There and Back Again: Elliptical Knowing in Arrival.”
     Co-authored paper presented at The Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Lancaster.

Boon, M. (November 2016). “The Science-Fiction of the Human Self.” Paper presented at
     Brave New World Conference, Leiden University & Leiden International Film Festival.

Boon, M. (July 2016). “Remarriage of the Self: Cinematic Clones and Stanley Cavell.”
     Paper presented at The Annual International Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Edinburgh.

Boon, M. (January 2016). “Cinematic Clones, Illusive Identities & Mercurial Memories.” Paper presented at
     Nonhumans & Politics International Conference, Institute for Philosophical Research Hannover.

Boon, M. (November 2015). “Cinematic Clones, Illusive Identities & Mercurial Memories.”
     Winning paper presented at Science in The City Thesis-Award Conference, Vondel CS Amsterdam.

Next to having a great passion for her academic research, Mashya is also very devoted to her teaching responsibilities. In her first semester teaching at MSU, she has received a nomination for the Somers Excellence in Teaching Award. 


Michigan State University
TA IAH207: “Gothic Literature & Art” 

University of Amsterdam
Thesis Tutor Master of Film Studies

TA “Orientation Film & Visual Culture”
TA “Film Analysis, Media Theory and Film History