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College of Arts and Letters | Michigan State University

B.A. in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing

The creative writing concentration offers students a program that blends foundational work in literary studies, experience in creative writing in several genres, and in-depth study of one genre. Students graduate with a B.A. in English, but their transcripts note their dedicated commitment to creative writing. Beginning with the same foundation as other English majors, students also work at the introductory level in three different genres of creative writing and later move into more advanced study in two genres. Many then choose to write a senior thesis in a single genre, creating in the last year of study a collection of poems or stories, a novel, or a finished screenplay. Graduates of this program choose to enter MFA writing programs; enter the fields of journalism, editing, or book publishing; or put their skills to use in advertising, public relations, or other fields. Others just become famous writers!


Core Requirements


•ENG 210

•ENG 280

•ENG 320A, B, or C


Distribution requirements


•Choose one diversity literature course: ENG 350-356, 360, 405, 431A, B, C; 448-450, 460, 466, 482

•Choose one pre-1800 course: ENG 318, 324, 368, 441, 454, 455, 457

•Choose one post-1800 course: ENG 360, 362, 443, 445, 450, 452, 458, 460, 474

•Choose one genre-based course: ENG 223, 228, 229, 327, 334

•Choose a capstone option: ENG 484A, B, C, or D; Creative Thesis 489H or 499; Publishing Internship 493; ENG 400+approved ENG 400-level course


Creative Writing Concentration Requirements


•Two more Introductory-level Creative Writing courses beyond the genre course chosen, above

•Two Advanced Creative Writing courses (together these fulfill University’s tier II writing requirement)


Degree Checklist