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The department specialist/adviser is Ruth Mowry, who is located at C613 Wells Hall. Her phone number is (517)355-8387. Ruth is best reached by e-mail at mowry@msu.edu.

Walk-in Advising Hours SS18 in C613 Wells Hall:

Tuesdays 1:15-4:45pm
Wednesdays 1-5pm

NOTE: No walk-in advising Weds. 1/17/18

Special walk-in advising Jan. 8-12, 2018:

1/8 9-11:45am, 1:15-4:45pm
1/9 9-11:45am, 1:15-4:45pm
1/10 9-11:45am, 1-5pm
1/11 1:15-4:45pm
1/12 9-11:45am, 1:15-4:45pm

Scheduling Appointments: All undergraduate English majors should make an appointment at least once every year with the department adviser for course, program, and career planning. To schedule an advising appointment, go to the online scheduling system:


If particularly difficult circumstances arise in program planning, or if a student has a complaint, problem, or request about any aspect of the undergraduate English program, the associate chair for undergraduate programs is available by appointment for advising, also. Currently, the associate chair is Dr. Ellen McCallum.

Information by E-mail. As part of the advising system, the associate chair for undergraduate programs and the specialist/adviser will regularly send out information via e-mail to English majors and minors regarding scheduling changes, internship possibilities, and other opportunities available to English majors. It is important for all English majors to activate their MSU e-mail accounts in order to get this information. The e-mail list is updated each semester through the Office of the Registrar.

Need to contact someone about advising?

Ruth Mowry
Advising Specialist
Undergraduate Studies
(517) 355-8387

Dr. Ellen McCallum
Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies
Department of English
(517) 884-4430